Ted Baker London Testimonial

Ted Baker London Testimonial

Lloyd Coenen is an abstract artist most recognised for his vibrant and detailed fluid and acrylic art work, as well as his openness in his artistic processes and battles with creative anxieties.

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England, Lloyd has been creating and showcasing his artwork since 2017. He starting with Doodle art in the early days, but now works mainly with more expressive medium such as acrylic mixing and pouring. In his childhood, Lloyd kept his artistic talents to himself with fear of ridicule and other internal anxieties. These held him back from showing the world what he was capable of. Challenged by these barriers, 2017 was his year to break them and become the artist he was meant to be. His artwork today is created through his strength of overcoming anxiety. He also creates with the mission of helping other trapped artists do the same.

Lloyd has no formal creative qualifications, just a love for what he does and the persistence to continue creating expressive and fun art work..

Lloyd's openness in his work and works process shows the world that his art is not just about the end creation, it's about the struggle that's come beforehand, the story it tells today and the messages it puts out into the world. Lloyd's message is very simple….

"Do something that makes you happy & do that for the rest of your life."

Notable CV Entries

May 2018 - From The Dome solo exhibition

November 2018 - Ted Baker Commission

You can find Lloyd’s work in the following places

  • Arcade Beer and Liquor - Station Street, Huddersfield

  • IF Coffee Shop - Call Lane, Leeds

  • East Parade Social (The Rooftop) - East Parade, Leeds

  • Boris & Co - Lower Briggate, Leeds


Follow my journey and see more of my work on Instagram by clicking one of the images below.