Lloyd Coenen



My name's Lloyd & I don't have an art degree. I’ve never worked in the creative industry either. I have, however, spent 11 years sat at my desk drawing on my note pad whilst on hold to suppliers, customers and colleagues at my day jobs, scared to take a jump.

After taking Art at GCSE and failing because I couldn't draw a face or arrangement of flowers, years went by before a switch went off in my head making me realise that art isn't defined as 'good' by the constraints of a standard school curriculum. So I wanted to take it up on my own terms and out of my own enjoyment. It was was artists such as Shantell MartinYoshi Sislay and Benaiah Matheson that inspired me to pick up the pen again.

Overcoming my creative anxiety is my reason for the work I do now. For years I held it all back in fear of criticism.  But I've learnt to create the work for myself and only myself. If others want to appreciate it along with me, then that's great!

Now, I want to help others battle their creative anxieties so they can create art to their full potential.